November 26, 2017

When a diverse bunch of some of Melbourne’s most successful businessmen and doctors get together for a men’s health lunch, its interesting to see what emerges in discussions. For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, the “cone of silence” is established at the outset so that what is “discussed in the room stays in the room”. However, without divulging names, I would like to share some of the themes that helps these gents live their best lives.

  • Exercise– this seems to be one of the most important requirements for keeping the body fit, the weight down, and the mind clear. “Even if I’ve only had 2 hours sleep, I have made the commitment that exercise is one thing that i will not miss. This kind of commitment establishes a firm pillar that our life will revolve around.

  • Journal writing– in this modern era of instant online everything, I was surprised how many of this successful group still use the power of writing. In particular, “the gratitude journal” and the “daily goal list”. If I can reflect upon all the things in life that are good, it helps keep in perspective the challenges and difficulties that we maybe facing.

  • Meditation– successful men have realised that the most important tool they have in their bag is a healthy clear mind. Meditation is one method of clearing the mind on a daily basis. Some have gone and learned via a teacher, whilst other have found techniques online via Headspace, Smiling Mind, or other guided meditations such as at http://drrao.com.au/guided-meditations/

  • Sharing– emotionally strong men have learned the art of sharing the load when it comes to life’s challenges. Especially when going through tough times, it is important to share with your nearest and dearest how you are feeling. They are strong enough to realise that it is not a sign of weakness.

  • Prevention- rather than a “head in the sand” approach, successful men seek out good quality medical advice via their GP or through corporate health checks. They optimise what they can through lifestyle, but they are open to further optimisation through medications. They embrace early detection through screening programs for cardiac disease, bowel and prostate cancer, and are proactive when it comes to familial tendencies.

For me it is a privilege and a pleasure to host these men’s health lunches. I’m always grateful with the openness and honesty that the men “bring to the table”. We enjoy each others company, along with good food and matching wines. On Friday, we reflected on the Kokoda trail and what resilience our forefathers displayed against incredible odds. And we reaffirmed the greatest Aussie value of all -“looking after ya mates”.

Stay well gents!

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