Dr Rao graduated as a medical doctor in 1994 and subsequently as a Surgeon and Urologist in 2006.

During his third year of medical school he was exposed to meditation and yoga and upon completion of his internship he spent 1 year in India studying and practicing yoga, meditation and Ayurveda (India’s holistic medical system). He subsequently came back to Australia and integrated these fields as a General practitioner for 2 years.

Though he now works as a Surgeon, he remains open minded to a Holistic approach, and encourages patients to take control of their lives with proper diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, as well as establishing a sensible and practical way of living.

Dr Rao has written several very well received articles on a range of subjects such as men’s health; the busyness epidemic; judgment; and materialism. He is the author of “Meditation and Martini” which outlines how to integrate the spiritual and material lives.

The theme of his writing is to encourage people to make conscious choices and live a life of balance, rather than being swept away by the collective sway of society.

He has spoken several times on National radio including ABC and SBS.

He is a passionate golfer, keen runner, father of 2 children, and enjoys a good drop of red with family and friends!