October 22, 2019

There are many things in life that we talk about frequently and wish for. But sadly, often the wish is not backed up by sustained, consistent action. This applies to achieving the optimal weight; reducing blood sugar levels; reducing stress and tension; reducing personal debt; or improving personal relationships.

Actions speak louder than words. There is no point just talking about what you want. There is no merit in speaking about something like an authority unless you are actually walking the talk and being a role model for others. So before opening your gob, take a step back and assess yourself first. Be honest; be clear; be critical.

The people i take most notice of, generally live their lives quietly, unobtrusively and happily. They are not the ones plastered over social media by PR machines. That are not the loudest voice in the room. And they are not the ones who have the gift of the gab. I look for those who truly walk the talk. They want to get fitter and they commit to an exercise program. They want to lose weight and they follow through till they achieve their goal. They want to clear their credit cards and they stick to their budget.

When you are committed, you find a way, not an excuse.

What kind of excuses do you come up with? Some that i often see are: I’m not a morning person so i can’t exercise in the morning. I’m keen to lose weight but I can’t give up ice cream. I wish I had a better relationship with my spouse but my work is busy. I want to have a peaceful mind but meditation is too hard. When I come across “excuse people”, I never try and convince them, because I know they will always have another excuse. I tell myself “Let it go”! In fact, more and more as life goes on I have come to the conclusion that people are going to live out their lives according to their own “likes and dislikes” and “underlying tendencies and predispositions”.


Time to write down your goals and your actions. What actions are you going to take in order to fulfill your goals. Be honest; be clear; be realistic. What are you prepared to do? What are you prepared to sacrifice? That is the question.

Life is our greatest teacher. Look around with clear eyes. Who do you see that is happy; that is peaceful; that is balanced? What are they doing differently in their lives? Ask them questions and see what they do differently.

Happiness doesn’t happen by accident.

In Health and Wellness