Are you busy?

Take Dr Rao’s quick busyness questionnaire to determine your level of busyness

1) Do you frequently find yourself rushing or late?

2) Is your mind juggling too many items?

3) Is there time in the day for you to stop?

4) Is there time in your week to pursue a hobby?

5) Do you ever resent life due to busyness?

6) Is there time in your week to do some charity or social service?

7) Do you get sick due to excessive busyness?

8) Do you have time to spend with family and friends?

9) Are you able to give each activity and interaction your full attention?

10) Do you have trouble falling asleep due to a busy mind?

You have finished the questionnaire.

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Range of scores
Score Result
10-15 Balance
16-20 Be careful
21-30 Out of balance