March 5, 2017

Recently I was walking through the Dandenong Ranges and marvelling at the enormous mountain ash gum trees. Big trees for me are like great witnesses of nature. They stand tall through rain, hail or shine. They withstand bushfires and little shoots manage to regenerate. And they watch all the insects, animals and creatures with an impartial eye. They are simply magnificent caretakers of life.

They are unable to pass judgement. They just watch. They are free from praise or blame. They just witness. They don’t withhold anything. They just give. Spending time amongst these great trees enables us to imbibe some of their qualities. Can we spend a day without judging others? Can we witness life as if we are watching a movie? Can we just give without expecting anything in return. As human beings, its truly very difficult to live a life like this, but perhaps these giant trees can help inspire us to strive for those lofty standards of personal excellence. Trees don’t sweat the small stuff. They prefer to soar tall towards the light.

Trees never try and stamp their mark on anything. They don’t want to build an empire, nor do they wish to leave a legacy. All these false trophies that humans strive for in their search for immortality does not interest the tree. They know that their physical frame is mortal and limited. They just watch everything, care for everything and give freely. Physically they are finite, emotionally they are neutral, spiritually they are at peace.

Perhaps there is something that we can learn from these amazing trees. Perhaps we can all learn to be giant caretakers of life, witnessing, giving, nurturing and serving.

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