January 20, 2019

I remember when i was in university and constantly misplacing my car keys. They always turned up but it was such a waste of time hunting for them and it made me rush to get to class on time. Though keys are a very simple example, they are instructive on how we can organise our lives. Basically when i come home the keys always, absolutely always, go in the same place. So when it comes to finding my keys to go out again, they can only ever be in one position. No thought or memory is required to remember where the keys are. They have to be in my “key place”, every single time.

Similarly, all the important items that you use regularly must have their position. Consider some items that you may use frequently, but misplace frequently. Nail cutter, Phillips screwdriver, stapler, Bluetak, corkscrew, TV remote control. If you categorise these items e.g. nail cutter belongs with toiletries, and toiletries belong in the bathroom. Bluetak and stapler are office items and belong in the office or study area. Purchase some simple compartments and containers to help confine them to an area and keep everything neat.

What about bills and paperwork? Do you actually look at the junkmail magazines that get put in your letterbox? If not, put up a sign saying no junk mail. Move towards receiving as many items electronically as possible such as Bank statements, utilities bills, rates etc. Set up an efficient system on your computer and phone with Folders and files. 1) Bills pending with due date saved to calendar which synchs with phone calendar. 2) Bills paid according to category in case you need to review in the future. 3) Bank statements categorised by month and year. The list goes on.

The other big ticket item is clothes! All you need to do is watch Marie Kondos Netflix series. Apparently all the second hand clothes shops are overflowing since her Netflix series came out! Donate the items that you do not regularly use. Organise and arrange clothes according to type e.g. t-shirts, trousers, jumpers etc. Be disciplined in putting away clothes when you have finished with them. Don’t just stuff them back in your cupboard. Remember that discipline, order and organisation actually creates freedom and space. Your mind will be less cluttered and happier.

Finally, you have to get organised with finances and time management.

With respect to finances, it is very important that you truely know what your monthly expenses really are. Most often we all grossly underestimate this and wonder why our credit cards are always maxed out! It is a boring task, but it is worth going to the trouble of doing a budget. How much is coming in every week? How much is going out every week? Do you need to exercise restraint on spending on eating out, coffees, alcohol, or other items such as shopping. Having a budgetary plan sounds restrictive but again, it actually creates freedom. It allows you to save and invest. It allows you to plan for the future. And it prevents you from living beyond your means.

Managing your time well is important. I find the quiet morning hour is very useful for self activities. Exercise, yoga, meditation, writing. The rest of the world is asleep and you are undisturbed. Obviously if you are going to train yourself to be a “morning person” you need to get enough sleep and that means going to bed early enough that you feel rested. Personally i like to diarise everything so that all important items are “visible”. Hence, my personal calendar includes items such as exercise, yoga, social activities. I like to see them as items that are part of life and not a separate disconnected entity.

2019 if off and running folks. Have fun getting organised. It will enable you to be more efficient in everything you do, thereby creating the time and space for enjoying life.

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