Find your daily Transcendence

Last night I attended a concert by Dan Sultan, a young artist rapidly on the rise. During his performance there were clear moments when he totally merged with his music and transcended. Transcendence means to go beyond the small mind and small


Physical fitness is an important part of Health and Wellness. One can be fit without being healthy, however, you are not truly healthy unless you have a body that can respond in multiple ways. The fitness algorithm is FRIENDS. F- flexibility R-regularity

Red wine to prevent colds?

It’s that time of the year when the winter bugs are out in force. A nasty bout of flu can lay you low for several days. It is important to keep general immunity high with adequate sleep and rest; high quality nutrition;

Add Fasting to Feasting for better health

Fasting has been around for centuries. Every world religion incorporates fasting as part of their rituals not only to help teach discipline and self control, but also for the therapeutic health benefits that fasting creates. All the Eastern health traditions consider the

Are worries holding you back?

These South American worry dolls are given to children to keep under their pillows to help them allay any worry, fears or concerns. It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety to various extents at some point time in our lives.Worry, anxiety, fear

Sickness is a part of life

Within the space of Health and Wellness there must exist a place for sickness and ill-health. After all the body is not a machine and is subject to problems. Despite our best efforts we maybe struck down by illness. Though it is
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