Stop looking for happiness…..

I attended a talk this week held by the Australia India Institute in which Times of India journalist, Joy Purkayastha presented his research on happiness. He described how happiness surveys place Australia in the top 10 and India in the dismal 100’s.

Add some intensity with Tabata training

If you are keen to ramp up your fitness and you are already capable of increasing your heart rate in a modest fashion, then doing 1 or 2 sessions of Tabata per week can really get your metabolism firing. Dr Tabata is

5 Tips to combat laziness

Laziness is a serious health hazard. The presence of laziness leads to poor choices in diet, exercise, discipline, relationships, and career choices. Some individual by constitution have a predisposition to laziness. Anyone with a predominance of the “earth and water elements” which

5 Tips on staying healthy during exams

It is almost 10 years ago now that I sat my final surgical exams. Hard to believe how time flies! Throughout school and medical school there were several things I did to maintain my Health and Wellness. 1) Know the big things-

This body is going to wear out…..

Whilst it is important to keep the body functioning well and in good shape, excessive focus on it can take you away from the main game. No matter how much yoga you do; no matter how good your diet is; and no

Learning to balance is the best prevention against falls

Every day in homes and hospitals around the world, people old and young fall, and get injured. One thing that Australian Rules Football taught me to do, was how to fall without getting injured.   The report, “Hospitalisations due to falls by