Asana One of the beautiful aspects of yoga and the component of asana or posture, is that it maybe used for many purposes. The primary purpose of asana is to make the body stable so that it may sit in a steady


Generally I am opposed to the new-age positive thinking philosophy. Any artificial “propping-up” of the psyche can only be maintained for so long, before it comes crashing down. However, it does have its place like everything in life. One method is to

The Collective Sway

I am sure many of us have experienced the reaction of friends and family when we make the decision to be healthy. Often the first thing that happens, is that a whole host of forces seem to spring up to bring us

The Monk Who Kept His Ferrari!

Materialism is not simply the possession of material objects. It is the attitude that dictates whether one is a materialist or not. A poor man living in a village with an obsession of possessing a mansion is more of a materialist than

From Mindfulness to Mindlessness!

The mindfulness revolution has spread across the world like wild fire.Thousands of scientific studies have shown benefits in happiness, concentration, improved health and greater empathy. There is no doubt that the practice of being mindful is a remedy for many of our

Judgment is More Hazardous Than Junk Food!

We live in an era of fads, and diet is no exception. The proponents of various diets decry the bene!ts of their latest !nd with religious conviction. Whether it is the latest Paleo, Atkins, carb- free, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, raw food, or