Are You Friendly?

Jim Morrison once said, “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself”. Friendship is a magnificent part of human civilization. Friends walk the journey with us in our lives through all our trials and tribulations; victories and celebrations;

5 neat cheats on HOW to eat

Could it be true that some of those old wives tales that our grandmothers told us were actually true? Whilst there has been an explosion in understanding about diet, nutritional advice, and various methods of losing weight, one of the key areas that

The epidemic of busyness

Are you busy? That’s too bad, being busy is now unfashionable!

Somewhere along the way in “developed” countries, being busy became a revered state to be in. Busyness became associated with purpose; with efficiency; with power; and with money. When asked the question, “how are

Spirituality- The fine line between frustration and fulfillment

At some point in the journey, every individual asks the question, “what is this all about?; what is the purpose? why are we here?”. If it doesn’t happen consciously during one’s life, then without fail it will happen in the time leading

Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation

Our systems are designed to renew, refresh and recharge. Built into this thing we call “the body” is an elaborate set of systems that enables it to stay healthy. As children, movement comes spontaneously as we are propelled and vivified by a

Golf and the Indian samosa

A brisk foggy morning at The Lado Sarai golf course New Delhi. Teeing off into the fog with total abandon unable to see the ball leave or land. Cracking open a freshly cooked samosa, the steam and fragrance permeates out. My tastebuds