May 22, 2017

The window through which we look out at the world and society is so skewed by the lens of the media. Whether it is newspapers, internet, Facebook or twitter, all we see is trouble, danger and worries. Politicians are particularly good at catering to fears and negativity in an effort to muster up support and votes. But it’s our choice though what we focus on. If we stop for a moment and step out of what the media wants us to believe, we may then choose to focus on what we want. There is plenty of good stuff happening out there.

This whole existence is filled with an endless flow of exquisite moments. They just don’t make great news stories! We have to develop the eyes to see it and the hearts to feel it. It doesn’t even have to be anything incredible, exotic or expensive. Those exquisite moments maybe the most simple. Watching a leaf drift in the wind; sitting quietly with an elderly parent; or discovering a new favourite song. It takes a little awareness to “catch” these moments, but they are happening all the time.

As you start noticing those moments, even the most mundane of tasks can become magical. Sipping on a cup of tea; watching your favourite football team; the sensations of a hot shower; and even the rise and fall of your own breath can be enough to evoke bliss. It’s the constant searching for “big moments” that saps the joy out of everyday life. Big moments are to be enjoyed but they are not the substance of life.

What moments of exquisite beauty have you noticed today?

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