May 10, 2020

Consistency is the ability to apply sustained, unyielding, constant focus, day in and day out, towards a desired goal.

Have a think about your life; your goals; your aspirations. Consistency is relevant at every stage. When you re a baby it takes consistent practice to learn how to walk. When you are in school and university it takes consistent effort to develop your craft. In business it takes consistent focus to keep all facets in balance. Even in old age it takes consistent awareness to maintain perspective and be content.

If you enjoy your craft, then consistency is much easier. You love running, so it’s much easier to go for that run, even if you feel a little tired. So yes, develop a sense of what brings you joy. What brings you to life. As they say, “when you find your passion, you never have to do another day’s work in your life!” Despite that, the human mind tires and boredom can develop. Even with something that you love, boredom can occur. Consistency is the ability to push through boredom and continue to apply pressure.

Consistency is not so much about how hard or vigorously you do something. It is more about “showing up, day in/day out”. It is the daily baby steps, rather than the high intensity that flattens you for days. It is applicable to running where it is suggested that 80% of our running be done at easy to moderate intensity. The remaining can be harder. It is the regularity and consistency that is more important.

You can train yourself to be consistent. Use a calendar, diary or “to-do list” that schedules the relevant task on a daily basis. Once it becomes established, it becomes second nature. It becomes “a given” that every day, you will do some exercise, or some painting, or some music practice or meditation, or whatever it is you wish to focus on.

You can use “helpers” to facilitate consistency. A study buddy; a training mate; a group chat. All of these help us to “show up” and be “accountable”. The group effect is not to be underestimated. Use goals to help develop a strategy. It may be an school exam; a project deadline; mastery of a musical skill; success in a sporting drill; or a PB in a Half marathon. Get yourself a “butcher’s paper” or a whiteboard and write these things down: GOAL; STRATEGY; CONSISTENCY; AIDS.

You can apply this to everything in life.

It is never too late to learn the art of consistency. It trumps talent every time.

Stay well