April 24, 2020

The C virus has swept through the world with violent speed, and though things look relatively under control in Australia, she’s not over yet. With more than 2 million cases and over 150,000 deaths, this number is certain to soar. Even in places like Singapore which seemed to have good control, the numbers are on the rise again. ???

Despite the conspiracy theories, the overwhelming evidence points towards the wet markets of China. And whilst we point the finger at China, wet markets exist all over the world with varying levels of hygiene. If Climate change wasn’t enough of a reminder that we are not rulers of the planet , then Corona virus is. ???

What are some of the changes we can make in response to Corona in an effort to allow our planet to restore balance? ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️

1) Travel- individuals and businesses have learned that much of the work related travel can actually be done remotely. Computers and technology have given us that freedom. In the new world, maybe we can limit air travel for those tasks that are essential where “in person” attendance is really required. ✈️✈️✈️This will give individuals more time and flexibility; more quality time for family; it will lower the impact on the environment; it will reduce costs for individuals and businesses. Some of the new adaptations will become part of the new normal.

2) Cooking- many people have rediscovered their kitchens and the joys of food preparation at home . I remember a scientist say, the healthiest diet is that which is prepared at home. Good old fashioned home cooking is not only healthier, brings families together, and is more economical. ???Rather than dining out being the normal, it may return to being more of a treat or to socialise with friends. Sadly this will impact on restaurants and hospitality and they may need to adapt in the new world.

3) Diet- we can not ignore the fact that large scale animal agriculture is detrimental to the climate, causes undue suffering to animals, and is breeding ground for all kids of animal borne diseases (think SARS, Mers, swine flu, bird flu, and now Corona virus). This is not a judgement on non vegetarian eating nor is it moral policing. We can all look at our consumption and see how we can reduce our impact. If that means limiting or reducing animal consumption and moving to a predominant plant based diet then this will be useful for individuals, animals, and the planet. ???

4) Consumption- with incomes being slashed and unemployment rising, the consumeristic society in which we live has set up unsustainable levels of debt. Even when corona comes under control, the economy may take years to return to normal. Some maybe forced to sell their house if they can’t pay their mortgage. It maybe time to return to financial philosophies of our forefathers where savings were the cornerstone and money was put away for a rainy day. Untethered, unnecessary consumption using excessive money which is on loan has set up a very shaky society. It maybe time to simplify our needs. ? ? ?

There’s much that can be added to this list, but these are a few to think about and see if it applies to your personal situation. Depending on how long this C-thing plays out for, we may all be forced to reassess the way we live in very fundamental ways.

In the meantime, stay the course and stay well.