April 22, 2018

Well what a field day for media reporting on the recent ball tampering issue and the Australian Cricket Team. It was the most clumsy attempt at ball tampering in the history of cricket. For Bancroft to then shove the yellow sandpaper down his jocks, it was practically a comedy show. Some described it more like a train wreck! That it was.

But let’s face it, alteration of the ball’s surface has been happening forever, but in far less conspicuous ways. Hair oil, Brylcream, sand, nails etc. The difference here, is how blatant, premeditated, and obvious the situation was. So badly executed, it was tantamount to a burglar completing a job and leaving his business card on the kitchen bench!

Yes, it’s wrong and can not be tolerated in sport and it sets a bad example to our kids coming up the ranks. It needs to be dealt with appropriately. The involved players, Smith, Warner and Bancroft have been suspended, and will lose significant contracts. They will pay their dues. They will regret the decision for rest of their lives. 

Loss of reputation is something that does not carry monetary value. Sadly they will be stained for life and no matter what they do with their careers, they will be remembered for this one sad incident. I appreciate the fact that they apologised. The public in general are forgiving if people own up to their errors. This is the main difference between the “sandpaper gate” cricketing scandal and the Essendon football club and James Hird. In the latter case, James refused to take responsibility.

It is a great lesson for kids and something we can all learn from. Life is our greatest teacher!

Stay Well!