June 27, 2017

Why is it that we enjoy going to an exercise class? Often it’s because we don’t need to think about the sequence. The instructor gives the routine and all you have to do is follow. Additionally, exercising in a group environment gives you support and motivation. The problem though is that most of us can’t afford the time and money to do a daily group class.

A far more sustainable method is to create your own sequences. You may learn various exercises from group training, personal training, yoga classes, online videos or from books. Based on your own body, your age, your physical limitations and strengths you can then tailor a routine that suits you specifically. It should incorporate the various components of exercise to maintain a healthy body. Strength; mobility; endurance; high intensity, mindful breathing are some of these components.

The beauty of this is that you don’t need any equipment; you don’t need a gym; and you can do it when travelling and out of your normal environment. Along with good nutrition and other healthy habits such as meditation, good sleep, and a daily routine that gives us purpose and focus, a regular exercise program will help maintain your system in good shape.

From my perspective as a surgeon, even when people do get an illness that requires surgery, my patients who have had good routines usually make a quicker and fuller recovery process. Though we may wax and wane with exercise, remember to keep something going. Keep it fun, mix it up, and keep challenging yourself.

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