May 20, 2019

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. The nature of this human organism is that we wish perfection (though we know this is not possible), of every facet of our beings. We want to be in our best physical health. We want to be at our correct weight. We expect to be happy. We strive to be intellectually sharp. Our spirits demand abundance!

These are our natural aspirations. Sometimes they maybe unrealistic and life gives us a reality check. But often the greatest obstacle to fulfilment of our personal goals is quite simply ourselves. We sabotage achieving our best by making poor choices. We want to lose weight, but can’t stop snack food. We want to calm our mind but say “I’m too busy to meditate”. We want to get a good job but are too lazy to apply. The temptations and obstacles are many and the will-power can be fickle.

So how?

How do we push beyond those really good intentions and establish good habits that will carry us well into the future? How do we create a will that will not yield when our friends sway us? For that you need to delve deep. You need to find “the why” that is so strong and compelling that nothing can pull you off track.

Take quitting smoking for example. There are two aspects to any addiction. Most people start smoking for a reason whether it be “stress relief”, social anxiety, or due to their social circles. This should be addressed. But, whatever maybe the primary reason for starting, once the chemical addiction happens in the brain it takes willpower to break it. But it takes more than just willpower to see it through.

Therein lies the reason for finding your “why”. The “why” has to be deep, personal, visceral, emotive and compelling. It has to be so intense that nothing can get in the way. Once you have found your “why” then you are in business. But if you don’t, then you may find your will can waver like a poppy in the breeze. The minute you meet your friend who lights up a cigarette, you will be back to your old ways.

Fundamentally, answering the question “why” makes you address whether you are willing to do whatever it takes including sacrifices of time, pleasure, money in order to achieve your goal.

Find your why and you will fly! Like a ninja!!!