December 30, 2018

More than talent; more than intellect; more than beauty, willpower is the trait that will serve you best in the long game. Life requires a strong will. What is will? Will is the ability to apply a sustained concerted uncompromising effort towards a clearly defined goal. It’s that time of the year right?! The New Years resolution! How long does the average resolution last? I don’t know exactly, but I suspect it’s not long!

How do you stick with an exercise program? How do you maintain a generally healthy diet? How do you keep a happy balance of work, family and personal time? It all takes will power. So how do you harness that?

Step 1- Choose a realistic goal- e.g. walk every day; give up alcohol for a month; meditate every day etc; drink 6 glasses of water every day.

Step 2- Decide why the goal is important for you. What are some of the benefits that will come? How will it make you feel? See it clearly and visualise the entire process taking shape.

Step 3- Identify the obstacles and avoid them. It maybe necessary to avoid certain people and social groups especially with respect to addictive tendencies such as alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

Step 4- Identify supportive factors that will assist you with achieving the goal. Certain friends. Certain environments.

Step 5- Define your timeframe. 21 days, 1 month, 2 months. Generally once you have undertaken an activity for a sufficient length of time, that activity becomes a habit and runs with it’s own momentum. The willpower is what sets things in motion.

Write it down; grab a buddy to share the goal with; and announce it to those who will support your intention. Finally, make sure you set up a reward once you have achieved your goal in order to reinforce the willpower that you unleashed. As this year comes to a close, start the new year with positive intentions and a strong unshakeable will.

Best wishes!

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