April 23, 2017

As you know, I am a big campaigner for a healthy life balance. Such a big campaigner that I even wrote a book about it- Meditation & martini, the subtle cocktail of balance! One of the key aspects to this is organising and planning our lives well. With my own schedule, I make sure to schedule “buffer time” so that if I do need to do some extra consulting or operating, I can do this within “sane” hours. It gives me the ability to spend time with family and friends on the weekend. It allows me to get my weekly golf fix. And it enables me to incorporate exercise, yoga and meditation.

But occasionally, it so happens, that it all “goes out the window”! Since getting back from my recent conference in London, the workload has been such that I’ve even had to do elective surgery on weekends and public holidays. Early starts, late finishes, high pressure surgeries, worried patients and relatives are all part of the deal. Thankfully I have an understanding family that understand the demands and give me the space to prioritise my work and patients. That takes much pressure off.

But beyond that there are things within our control that we can do during demanding times.

Here’s a few tips:

  • communicate clearly with your loved ones how you are feeling and what you need. They love you and want to see you in top form.
  • get enough sleep. As far as possible get to bed early and use “mini sleeps” or cat naps to catch up if you are feeling tired.
  • drink plenty of water- when you are busy you often just forget to drink

  •  reduce or cut out alcohol– alcohol in moderation is fine, but excessive drinking will only leave you feeling more depleted.
  • breathe– sometimes when we are too busy, the mind refuses to settle into meditation. The breath is far more tangible and easy to follow. 5-10 slow deep breaths every hour is a nice tonic during busy times.
  • stretch and move– it doesn’t need to be much. It doesn’t need to be a class. Even 10 minutes of stretching is enough to get the blood moving. Think of shoulder rotations; neck stretches; forward and backward bends; and calf raises.
  • have a massage– you’ve been working hard and have earned a rest. Just handover to to a masseur. Tell them you are tired and stressed and then let go.

Finally, remember that this busy time will settle down and things will be back to normal. Just don’t let the “busy beyond control” become your regular routine! 

Be Well!


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