November 12, 2017

What is your current experience of life right now? Are you finding that with each day, there is a progressive unfoldment of joy and happiness? Are the subtleties of life being revealed to you and with that you are becoming happier, more peaceful, and more compassionate? Or are you becoming angry, tired and cynical? Has logic and reason killed your ability to appreciate beauty?

One of my greatest learning experiences came out of a term working in Palliative care in 1995. Every patient who I admitted was there on their home stretch of life. They were there to die. They were vulnerable but also incredibly open. As an Intern, my job was to admit them, write up the drug chart and monitor their progress. But it also gave me a chance to listen to their life story and that fascinated immensely. How happy they were. What their regrets were. What would they have changed?

I found that those who were most at peace when they died, had learned to appreciate beauty in the small things of life. It was not about the grand peaks that they may have scaled. Yes they remembered these too and were proud of achievements. But it was in their ability to enjoy the smallest and most trivial things– a cup of tea with friends, watching a grandchild play in the sun, or spending time in the garden nurturing flowers. Despite the challenges of impending death, the discomfort of cancer, and letting go of life, the ones that were most at peace had found a way to live their lives in peace.

Peace, joy, happiness had become their way of living. This is your marker. How is your life unfolding? More peace? More joy? More happiness? If not, then stop and take a look at it. There are always changes that you can start making.

Life is simple, keep it simple.

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