Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation

May 22, 2014

Our systems are designed to renew, refresh and recharge. Built into this thing we call “the body” is an elaborate set of systems that enables it to stay healthy. As children, movement comes spontaneously as we are propelled and vivified by a high state of energy. Imagine a toddler, always restless and on the go, unable to sit still.

Over time due to many factors: work; stress, responsibilities; poor habits of sleep and nutrition, the system can get overwhelmed. As sluggishness increases due to a lower state of energy, so to the body finds it more difficult to move. The situation is compounded in a vicious circle.

Such a situation does not happen overnight. It takes years to develop. The body in fact will put up with incredible indiscretions till eventually it’s renewing capacity is exceeded. When choosing a path back to health, it is important to remember that it takes time to reverse the process. Using a mindful approach, and incorporating such things as yoga, meditation, sustained nutrition, visualisation, affirmations and imagery, one can progress slowly and surely to restore health and wellness.

Never underestimate the benefits of a “training” style approach. This allows you to start from where you are and progress in a methodical way. As the body begins to enjoy new freedoms again, the cycle of improvement actually becomes easier. The side benefits of weight loss, improved appearance, and improved confidence automatically occur without this being the prime focus.

Wellness is actually the starting point, not the destination. Only when the system is vital with energy and positivity, do all other endeavours, relationships and interactions reach their fullest potential.

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