January 13, 2019

How often have you been told “to be more organised”? How often have you told yourself “I really must be more organised? Is there any real benefit in being organised? Or do you prefer to free wheel through life and hopefully land on your feet. Here are some benefits in developing an organised life:

  • More time- automatically you will find you have more time. There will be greater efficiency in everything you do. When you are working, you are 100 % on. When you are resting, you are 100 % resting. The act of being organised provides dedicated space for everything, and as a result you will find that there is more space and a greater sense of time.
  • Mental calmness- being organised allows your mind to relax, knowing that everything is in order. Everything is where it needs to be. You no longer will be hunting for your keys and wallet as you try to leave home because they are in their place. You know that you have given yourself enough time to get to the office, even if there is extra traffic. Being organised helps you to be calm.
  • Greater efficiency- if you are organised, then all your hard earned efforts will have a greater impact. When it comes to work, earning capacity, savings, and investments, if you have an organised plan, then you are less likely to fritter away money, savings and as importantly, valuable time.

But before you start organising your life, you have to start with the mind. Slow down the constant mental activity. Reduce your time on your smartphone endlessly scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. Most of the information there is chatter, gossip, and wasteful. Dedicate some time in nature. Trees, streams, mountains, beaches. Yes they help you to reconnect with your spirit and your joy for life! A great time to start planning to be more organised is during your end of year break. Read books and blogs on being more organised. Read about decluttering the spaces that you frequently occupy- home, work, social groups etc.

The benefits of being more organised are clear. We all want to be more organised. Next week, I will blog on “the how” to be more organised. Till then, start with your mind. Create a little more space and a bit more calm and happiness. Everything flows from there!

In Health and Wellness