December 4, 2017

There is nothing more important than peace of mind.

The symptoms of a peaceful mind are a sense of calm, a feeling of ease, and the absence of longing. Everything is OK exactly as it is, even if externally your world is falling apart. Peace of mind is an internal state. It’s something that can be cultivated, but you need to place a value on it. It needs to be valued higher than anything else. It must placed higher on the priority list than “the chase for more”. More money, more success, more fame, more power, more material possessions. The driving aim of the yogi, is a mind that is peaceful. In that sense, a yogi is not someone who can contort into a pretzel. A yogi is one who has become master of his mind.

Though money, success, fame and power may be obstacles to peace of mind, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. The difference is that the yogi can live peacefully with or without those things. Its just what you focus on and what drives you.

Certain basics are certainly helpful if not essential. A roof over your head, food to fulfil your bodies needs, enough money to cover the basics, and a purpose and companions that are in alignment with peacefulness. If you are worried about where the next meal is coming from, it’s going to be very difficult to have a peaceful mind. The instinct for survival is strong and primal, and not necessarily a path of peace. Most of you however, who maybe reading a blog like this, will have their basics covered.

So what are you doing to keep your mind in peace? Here are some reminders:

ACCEPTANCE– even if things seem out of your control in your outer world, you can calm your mind by practicing acceptance. If something bad has happened or is happening, you can just say “I accept this present moment exactly as it is”. If you don’t accept, the event has happened or is still happening, and you are creating turbulence in your own mind. Acceptance is one of the most powerful tools you have. This brings great peace.

GRATITUDE– when things are good and especially when they are not, it is important to practice gratitude. The mind naturally focusses on what is not right. Instead, consciously take things into your hands and focus on what is right. You will be surprised how much is happening well. Try the practice of writing down every day, a few things that you are grateful for. This brings great peace.

MEDITATION PRACTICE– the act of sitting quietly and allowing your mind to settle into a quiet state is one that all of us can learn. There are many techniques. If you value peace of mind, meditation is indispensable. You will find after 6 months of practice, many things will change both within and without. Greater flow, deeper clarity, wiser understanding of the rhythms of life. You learn how to go with it, rather than fight against it. This brings great peace.

COMPASSION– start looking at the world through the lens of compassion. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Looking at life with compassionate eyes, brings great peace. You can develop this and make it a habit. You become a compassionate being. This brings great peace.

CLEAN CONSCIENCE- knowing that you are living with a clear conscience is essential for peace of mind. Doing right by everyone in all your dealings. With family. With friends. And in business. With a peaceful mind you sleep well at night.

As we head towards the end of the year, my wish is that you all experience peace of mind. It is your birthright, but its your choice!

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