October 5, 2019

“Share the load” they say! And it is true. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Life is a great joy but simultaneously it will have it’s problems. Conflicts, difficulties, challenges, can sometimes sap all the joy out of life. They are all consuming. And the mind is such that it always focusses on the 1 thing out of 100 that is negative. It forgets the other 99 that are good. But one thing for sure is that we all bound to face some difficulties in our lives. Sometimes it is those things that we fear the most that creates the most growth and development.

Like with any elite sporting person, you need to surround yourself with the right tribe. One suspects that the likes of Kyrios and Tomic, apart from having their own personality issues, may not have surrounded themselves with the right people, and may not be the best ones to confide in. You can analyse your own life in the same way that a sportsperson does and can actively seek out the right people for the specific tasks that you need support with.

When it comes to dealing with problems and conflicts, a few select close friends who you can share the load with is essential. They may not be able to fix your problem, but they help ease your load, simply by listening. They may also have some experience and wisdom in order to help you. I used to laugh how Americans all seemed to have a therapist. I am now of the opinion that all of us should have someone impartial and professional that we can check in with periodically. That person maybe a counsellor or psychologist. They may even be a life coach or executive coach.

There is no need to share everything with everyone though. Make sure you share with those who have your best interests at the forefront.

Perhaps take out a pen and paper and write down 5 aspects that you may wish to discuss with someone and then write down 5 people who maybe able to assist you. Some of the categories maybe:

  • Happiness
  • Career progress and planning
  • Financial planning
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Parenting
  • Ageing elders
  • Hobbies

Make a list; match up some names; develop a timeframe; and then put it into action. Finding people that you trust and speaking with them can really help ease some load and can help you develop clarity with where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Good luck!

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