August 20, 2017

In the era of mindfulness and meditation, some people, groups and organisations make a distinction between spiritual practice and everything else. In the early phases of meditation or spiritual practice, this may in fact be the case. That 20 minutes spent in meditation brings peace and quiet, and everything else brings turbulence and noise. Nevertheless, this is a good starting point.

Gradually over time, that 20 minute practice starts to filter drop by drop into all other aspects of life. The circle of ones spirituality starts to widen and deepen and extends into every nook and cranny. Spirituality expands from stillness and quiet, into kindness, compassion, care and love, fun and laughter, and in doing so, the world in which we live in becomes the perfect environment for us to practice and express our spirituality.

The way we deal with our family and friends; the way we speak to our colleagues; and the way we conduct our businesses, can all reflect our spirituality. The way we conduct our life in every way can be an expression of our spirituality. A truely spiritual person reflects lightness, fun and non attachment, because they have understood that there is nothing we can cling onto. Everything is temporary and transient, so there’s no point in taking it all too seriously.

So enjoy that cup of coffee; relish that glass of wine; love the company of friends and family; and give your very best in work and studies. Everything and every moment maybe spiritual if you choose to infuse your spirit in all that you do.

Food for thought!

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