Are you busy?

Is your life too busy? Do you have time to stop and relax? Do you feel trapped and in the rat race? Then now’s the time to take Dr Rao’s Busyness Questionnaire Yes! Take Dr Rao’s Busyness Questionnaire


An indian yogi once said , “to be healthy it is important to keep the body moving, the breath moving, and the bowels moving!” Body movement must be seen with a multidimensional  lens that includes:– flexibility– strength– endurance– intensity– balanceA body that

Brahma Muhurtum

The whole universe is full of cycles. We can either fight or flow with them . The hour between 4 and 6am (pre- sunrise), is especially conducive to stillness. If you have ever tuned into the environment just before the birds start

Are you busy? That’s too bad, being busy is now unfashionable!

Somewhere along the way in “developed” countries, being busy became a revered state to be in. Busyness became associated with purpose; with efficiency; with power; and with money. When asked the question, “how are you?” how often do you answer “BUSY” with

Are You Friendly?

Jim Morrison once said, “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself”. Friendship is a magnificent part of human civilization. Friends walk the journey with us in our lives through all our trials and tribulations; victories and celebrations;

5 neat cheats on HOW to eat

Could it be true that some of those old wives tales that our grandmothers told us were actually true? Whilst there has been an explosion in understanding about diet, nutritional advice, and various methods of losing weight, one of the key areas that
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