December 22, 2018

In our fast paced lives where we drive from place to place, and take the lift or escalators, we have grown used to missing out on this basic necessity of this physical organism’s need to move. The bottom line is that our bodies need to move. The type of movement, the frequency, the intensity depends on many factors. But if you have completely got out of the habit, then why not start with walking.

Nothing fancy is needed. A good pair of walking shoes is about all. If you are very deconditioned then start with a 10 minute stroll. Rest in between if you need to. Gradually increase the time till you can do 30 minutes without stopping. Once you have that established, then start adding some complexity with speed and incline. Brisk walk for 1 minute then slow walk for 1 minute. Find a hill that you can climb as part of your half an hour walk. Stairs are an excellent method also. Or you may wish to expand to to proper trail walking or bushwalking.

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These days there are many elaborate forms of exercise that you can spend lots of money on. High intensity classes, F45, Crossfit, Gym classes, spin classes etc. They are all great and if you want to do them then go ahead, but don’t underestimate the power of a regular walking habit. For an added benefit, why not do it with a friend. Social groups, friendships and avoidance of loneliness have been shown to be  protective factors for heart health.

Find ways to walk more and use fitness monitors to count steps. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk to the local shops instead of driving. Walking is one of the simplest ways you can retain fitness and conditioning.

Walk on!

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