December 31, 2017

Every year we start the New Year with good intentions. Improve the diet; exercise more; get angry less; make peace with a loved one. But how often does the year end in exactly the same way? Einstein’s famous quote, “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”, pretty much sums it up. So what are you going to do differently this year? I mean, TRUELY differently? In action and not in thought.

Here’s a few foundational pillars. Don’t call them resolutions. Make them habits. Make them a part of your daily life…

  • Be moderate in diet- perhaps it’s just a little tweaking that needs to happen here. A little less sugar; some reduction in fried foods; and keeping alcohol in check. Remember, radical diets do not work in the long term.

  • Physical movement- at every stage of life this is important. In our younger years we can push the body hard and make it strong. Our bodies will cope. Strength, speed, endurance, flexibility are all key aspects of movement. Complacency is the biggest factor that leads to a sloppy body, and a sloppy body is at risk of health problems including falls. Balance is very important in our senior years.

  • Think long term- use your mind to focus on a broader, bigger and longer term vision. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything passes and everyone goes. Don’t hold onto bitterness, grudges and hatred. They are poisons only for you, and you will have regrets when loved ones die. Make peace now.

  • Manage your money- for every aspect of life you need a plan. Managing your finances well is important. If you get this right when you are young with good savings and investment habits then you set yourself up for life. Compound interest is king! Don’t think you are entitled to anything. Entitlement is just your ego and pride getting in the way. What you get, accept with humility and gratitude. You have a responsibility to do the same.

  • Balance- strive to create greater balance in your life. Time is our greatest asset these days. Make time. Create time. Get into the early waking habit. There’s automatically an extra 2 or 3 hours in your day. Include meditation in your daily life. It will help regulate everything. It’s like watering the roots of the tree. Look at life differently and life will do the same to you. Become a magnet for good things to come to you. Yes, it’s possible.

I wish you all a healthy, happy, peaceful, balanced 2018. You deserve it!

In Health and Wellness