January 28, 2015

Do you know people who take their spirituality too seriously? They take their yoga and meditation so seriously that they have forgotten how to laugh. They may have come to all kinds of conclusions about those who drink alcohol; those who consume meat; and those who enjoy material prosperity. Their minds are full of judgment.


Do you know very practical people who won’t have a bar of spirituality? The mention of vegetarian food and meditation and they raise their eyebrows in mockery and cynicism. These two camps seem poles apart and can never see eye to eye. Being rigidly fixed in one camp or another leads to a life of compartments and exclusions. Is there a way where the two can intermingle seamlessly so that there is always an underlying sense of calm and balance whilst you go about your daily life in work, relationships, desires and pleasures, and experience all that life has to offer?


Yes there is, and this brings me to the title of my book, “Meditation and Martini-the subtle cocktail of balance”, which will be released in April this year. It will be available in paperback and also via Amazon and Kindle. It was a lot of fun to write and in it I share my experiences as a doctor, surgeon, meditator, seeker, and observer of the world around us. I won’t give too much away now, except to say that each chapter concludes with some practical exercises, and at the end of the book, you may feel that the load that you carry has been lightened.

Once you know your way of “centreing”, you will be able to traverse┬áthe breadth and depth of life in it’s totality. Then whether you find your mojo in the corporate boardroom; on the stock market floor; on the yoga mat; or in long distance cycling, it simply does not matter. This is the space where meditation and martini mingle into the magnificent cocktail of life.


I look forward to sharing it with you!

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