June 24, 2018

The other day is was at my son’s sporting event. I was having a beautiful morning enjoying the natural greenery and watching the boys running around and having fun. It was serene, peaceful, and timeless watching the game and sharing some quiet chat with another parent. Then “bang”, in came another parent who came into “our space” like a steam train, peppering us with useless noise, and spoiling the whole scene.


I’ve long decided that I’m too old for obligatory pleasantries and refuse to be politically correct just for the sake of it. My weeks are full enough that I feel it’s my right to enjoy “my” time in the way I want. After about 2minutes of listening to her onslaught, I politely removed myself and took a hospital phone call, and following this made my way to a different part of the field where I could enjoy the game peacefully!

Ahh, the art of listening. It is a subtle skill. It is like art rather than action and more like poetry than political ranting! The art of listening to others will only come naturally if you have become attuned to listening to yourself. Are you comfortable with your own company and your own silence? Can you close your eyes, still your mind, and enjoy the peace of the void? Have you come to the mature experiential realisation that the void is blissfully full, rather than empty ? Too cryptic?! Well for now, just start by being a bit more quiet.

Learn to listen. Learn to be fully present when the other person is talking. Put that damn smartphone away! Make eye contact. Breathe. Deeply listen. Listen so deeply that you can feel the other person like you are in their shoes. Listening is connecting. As they say, “we have 2 ears for a reason!” Yes, we should listen more than we talk.


And as you become better at listening to others, you will find you become better at listening to yourself.

Happiness awaits!

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