September 10, 2017

Technology has made our lives easier and better in many ways. Our lives have become more comfortable and efficient in innumerable ways. A quick email instead of a lengthy telegram; a 24 hour flight instead of a 30 day tortuous ship journey; or even a less invasive robotic surgery instead of a more morbid old fashioned open operation. I am a big fan of technology. I embrace it wholeheartedly.

But just because we have technology for certain tasks doesn’t mean that it makes our lives better. One daily frustration I have, is when I walk onto the surgical ward at the hospitals that I work at, and instead of the old trusty whiteboard that enables us to locate our patients, there is now a big TV monitor. The monitor looks great, but there are problems. The screen maybe too big for the space it sits in. The font maybe so small that its impossible to read. Instead of an easy to read list, the format is in cumbersome horizontal blocks. Or, the privacy setting is on, which means you have to click it off. It just doesn’t work and it adds time and frustration to our day.

Now I’m sure there are ways around it and that a clever software programmer can work out a better solution, but at the moment, I’m making a push to bring back the trusty whiteboard! It’s simple; it’s effective; and its not subject to breakdown.

I’m sure you all have examples in your own work or home life where the high tech options don’t necessarily add to greater zen in our lives. Smartphones, social media, and our lack of communication is another big one! I’d love to hear if you have any?!

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  1. John Lang

    Modern cars are a classic example. Gone are the days of a simple reset of the trip meter. “now which page is it on the screen?” Speed alert – gone from simple self contained push button – also on a screen page. What was that chime telling me? But, rear camera – ABS – ESP – fatigue warning – air bags – ALL a Big Tick.
    Technology requires a common sense selection – not a reinvention of the wheel!

    9:47 am on 9/11/17
  2. Ranjit Rao

    Aha! Great example John. Best wishes. RR

    9:59 am on 9/11/17

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