December 18, 2017

Crikey it frustrates me how uptight some people have become! Everything is so serious. Even something like meditation which in experience, is the most open, light and expansive phenomena, has become a serious discipline. Recently someone was telling how meditation had helped them with detachment. Though detachment has it’s place in some spiritual traditions, it can lead to a very serious life which lacks juice and joy. The most boring question that I am asked on a regular basis is, “What kind of meditation do you do?!” It is people getting stuck on the practice rather than the purpose of the practice.

I’ve been a meditation practitioner for more than 20 years now and even written a book about it, and oftentimes people will come to me with their problems and ask, ” should i learn how to meditate?” Of course yes, whilst the practice of meditation is a very beneficial thing, sometimes the best thing they can do, is to kick back with a few single malts and contemplate on their lives! Look, live and loosen up!!!

Learn to chill.

It’s a much more powerful place to live one’s life from. Living from a place of chill is much stronger than living from fear, from insecurity or from anger. Chill is centred. Everything else is peripheral. Centred is real and strong. Peripheral is scattered, glancing and unsure. So, how to chill? Some people seem to do it more easily than others right?

There is no one key for this lock. You have to find yours. It maybe exercise, painting, dance, or yoga. You may get there through charitable work. You may even need the assistance of a psychologist or life coach. It may even require the opening of past hurt and pain. Who do you need to resolve issues with? You may need to peel back the walls that you have built. Those walls were needed once, but now it’s time to move on.

To chill is a skill. You have to find your way.┬áIt maybe hard to get back to that place, but there is always a path. Find it. We are approaching the end of another year. Don’t let another one go by without resolving that stuff!

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